Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I flew down to Mumbai today, as I had some urgent work there. Flight was extremely uncomfortable. Lot of turbulence. Thick clouds right through. Poor visibility too.

I decided that I will never again fly when the monsoon spell is on. The next time, I will go in a plane.


dipali said...

LOL, SuperRaj, you and who else?

Blogeswari said...

:) Flight duration Chennai-Mumbai 1:45 hours by plane.
Travel Santacruz airport-Churchgate in Mumbai 2 hours by road

Idudan Amchi Mumbai vaazhkai

Srik said...

Your post on Boy in the boar well was featured in "Blogger's Park" section of Bangalore mirror today. :-)


Unfortunately, there is no online link for this paper yet.

Full2 Faltu said...

hilarious :)


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the "Irresponsible reporting"

Usha said...

ok, ya, now take it easy...lie down. come on open your mouth and swallow this tablet. You are going to be just fine don't worry. I am going to stay right here and make sure everything is fine.

Raj said...

dipali, I flew in a flock, of course.

blogeswari, just back from mumbai. Navi Mumbai- santacruz took 1.45 hours, waiting at the airport ( air traffic congestion ) 2 hours, taxiing and waiting for ATC clearance for take off : 45 minutes....

punds, rohit : thanks

srik, thanks for the info. Must get my hands on a hard copy..

usha, there is no known cure for air sickness, alas. Somebody should have shot the Wright brothers, before they took off.

Usha said...

oops I gave you the pill for hallucinations!