Sunday, July 01, 2007

Calling all patriotic Indians..

As if the fact of Pakistan having a better record against us in hockey and cricket wasn’t humiliating enough, there comes this shocking news that they have beaten us in yet another field.

Yesterday, Google disclosed that search trends show Pakistan, Egypt and India as the top three countries in the world (in that order) where surfers look out for 'sex' on the Internet, and those in New Delhi and Chennai ( in that order) hold the top two rankings among global cities.

If we had even an iota of patriotism flowing through our veins, we should all be putting our heads together to correct this alarming situation.

Come on, fellow Indians, I am not asking you to climb the highest mountain, or swim solo across the Pacific, or pull a 747 with your whiskers. Such stuff that requires panting and sweating are best left to our western brethren, who take the Olympian motto of ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’, a little too seriously and are destined to self-destruct.

Let us stick to our core competence. When it comes to doing something which requires no more work than sitting on one’s butt, we Indians have demonstrated that we can’t be beaten. Scan the Guinness Book of Records and you will find Indians holding the coveted top position for the longest nails, longest moustache, longest eyebrows, etc- all of which involves minimal physical effort.

So, all I am asking is that as soon as you get up in the morning, log on to Google and search for ‘sex’. Assuming that there are ten million computer users in the country, and if each one of them carries out these instructions diligently, every morning, it will be quite easy to reach the prestigious position at the top.

And, about all you Chennaiites, there’s no point in claiming that one out of five software engineers in the country, comes out of Tamilnadu, if you don’t deliver when it matters most. Act now. Get on to Google fast and type the ‘word’. (I don’t want to mention it again, My blog already has a ‘R’ rating). The next time Google publishes the results, I want Chennai to beat the pants off Delhi.


Anonymous said...

we are sitting ducks when it comes to cricket, ,bofors ,terrorism ,
religion and chess (exception)

Usha said...

guess what I typed the S word and waited with bated breath and the first result was results stored in your comp with my blog name coming up!
And my blog get s G rating?!

Raj said...

anon, sure.

usha, the unfairness of it all!