Monday, July 23, 2007

Dear Diary-3

Dear Diary,

My over-exuberant auditor called this morning to remind me that I had to file my Income Tax returns before July 31st.

I commented wryly that I didn’t see any reason why they should call it ‘returns”, because tax amount, once it leaves your hands, never returns.

Auditor promised me that he will go to Delhi tomorrow, to personally point out the misnomer to the FM.

FM ? Wonder if auditor meant 98.3 or 91.1.


Anonymous said...

it cannot only be 98.4 fm and above because the very mention of tax and FM causes many Indians fever


Anonymous said...

I suppose it's FM Rainbow! It's govt afterall!!

Raj said...

anon, ha, maybe so.

ashu, maybe so too.