Friday, July 27, 2007

Dear Diary- 5

Dear diary,

Had to accompany a friend to the Blue Cross today. His pet dog was not keeping well. The lone veterinary doctor on duty said he couldn’t attend to the dog. He explained the protocol there. When animals such as lions, tigers or elephants are brought in, he is not competent to attend and so delegates the responsibility upward to his boss. When animals such as goats, cats and dogs are brought in, it is below his dignity to treat them and so he delegates the responsibility downward to his junior. As both of them were not there, he asked us to come back on Monday. Made a mental note to follow vet’s philosophy of delegation, in my workplace from next week.


Blogeswari said...

So who does he treat? himself?

ps : Raj, do you really need to have the word verification on? I mean boxigdbm.. and is there an 'l' between d and b? am still trying to figure out
PSS: failed in the first test .. Now kjeundmy.. is it n or m.. God! I really need to go to a vet :)

Raj said...

Blogeswari, I'll ask him next time.

And, yes, on your strong feedback, I have removed the word verfication. You are now responsible for all the spam messages.

Blogeswari said...

Well, I have misplaced my reading glasses..Can't read anything raj.. incase you have said something.. vaazhga valamudan.. that's all I say