Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dear Diary-2

Dear Diary,

I am just back from the RTO, after renewing my driving licence. After I submitted my forms, along with my birth certificate that clearly and unambiguously certifies that I was indeed born, I was summoned to a seedy little place where they quickly took a photograph of my face.

When the licence was given to me, I noticed that the photograph was terrible. I protested and demanded that they take me to their leader, so that I could get justice.

A second-hand car dealer, who had come there to register a few cars for his clients, took me aside and told me to stop making a fool of myself as , out there, all transactions were on “as-is-where-is” basis.

That was quite a humbling experience.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Very humbling indeed!

Anonymous said...

humbling indeed!!

And the pratibha patil post was "alliterative alligator's awesome attempt at an alliteration "


Raj said...

mysorean, photograph is a great leveller.

puneet, thanks. Especially for the comment on post on pratibha patil, i got no comments for that.