Monday, July 30, 2007

Dear Diary-6

Dear Diary,

Week started disastrously. Landed in Bangalore and, sticking to standard protocol, drove straight to MTR, hoping to feast on some super-soft idlis and incredibly crisp dosas. Found, to my utter dismay, that the place was closed on Mondays. Have you heard such nonsense in your life? A restaurant closing on Mondays? I mean, don’t they know that people need to eat all seven days a week?

On the other hand, I am happy that somebody’s adopted the calendar that I had painstakingly and single-handedly designed some time back.

While leaving for the airport to catch my return flight, made a quick dash to Blossoms, that great place in Church Street for second-hand books and picked up a couple of classics. Realised later that books, being neither soft nor crisp, are a poor substitute for MTR idlis and dosas.


Karthik Sriram said...

Indian Restuarants here in the US are closed on Mondays and there are 2 reasons to that.

1. Sundays, generally, are good business days with large orders and stuff and so generally the restaurant is over worked that day. So, monday is a rest day.

2. Amongst the consumers here, there is a belief that Indian Restaurants serve old food on mondays - reason being - again Sundays are full rush days and the hotels cook more to meet the rush and are invariable left with leftovers - which, the people suspect is served on mondays.


dipali said...

Poor Raj. I bet you'll never visit Bengaluru on a Monday again. But at least they are following your calender:)

Raj said...

karthik, thanks. will remember that. All the more reason why Mondays must be banned.

dipali : thanks for the sympathy. sniff. sniff.

Srik said...

Hhahahaaha.. there are better places in Bengalooru than MTR..cheer up!!

dame's diary said...

oh boy..
Another MTR fan!

Hubby talks about it fondly as well!
I think he used to go there with his gf!!! lol

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