Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sick Miss Universe

The story that Miss Universe 2006, Zuleyka Rivera, fell sick yesterday when visiting the slums in New Delhi brought tears to my eyes today.

Why do the organizers inflict this untold hardship and needless suffering on such delicate darlings brought up in sterile and germ-free environment? Do they seriously believe that the negative publicity that these beauty pageants draw can be neutralized or counter-balanced with such slum-hopping gimmick?

Just because the finalists, when asked by the judges who they would like to be born as in their afterlife, invariably reply, “ Mother Teresa”, must these beauties be taken at face value and beatified as Blessed Teresa? Or made to act like Saints, till they faint? How sad and cruel.

Besides, doesn’t it make better sense to fly down six of the downtrodden to these beauty contests, all expenses paid, so that they too can aspire to a higher lifestyle? Rather than asking the Miss Universes and Miss Worlds to descend from their pedestals and wade their way through slush and mud?

I mean to say, would you have Aishwarya Rai visiting you in your humble, middle-class home with a battalion of people ( and your hawk-eyed wife watching your every move) or would you rather be flown, first-class, to an island in the South Pacific to meet up with her alone?

Why can’t these organizers check with me first before they fix the itinerary?


Mysorean said...

Next time they call me to fix up, I shall let them know about your existence! :P

Raj said...

mysorean : thanks for the service. You link. Therefore I exist.

Usha said...

Yeah really what do these organisers hope to achieve by making these beauties do this kind of thing - a kind of exposure to the uglier side of life? A kind of"welcome to reality" exercise?
I agree it would serve some purpose to follow your suggestion and takea few poor people on some trips or even better treat them to a good meal.