Friday, November 17, 2006

Sexiest man alive in India ,China and Africa

George Clooney has been voted the sexiest man alive by People’s magazine, I am told.

Hello, People. Why wasn’t I in the reckoning?

I am alive. I am a man. I may not be sexy, but what the hell, two out of three isn’t bad.

Anyway, who gives these rags the global rights to make such a sweeping declaration on behalf of the entire human species inhabiting this planet? Before anointing Clooney with the title, did anyone from People’s magazine ask the billion Chinese, billion Indians or half a billion Africans who they thought was the sexiest man alive? If anyone had, he or she would have got answers ranging from Xin-Wan-Lee, Raj, Zuwarah or Azubaike. None of the two and a half billion people have heard of George Clooney, but many of them know Xin-Wan-lee, Raj, Zuwarah or Azubaike and, in exchange for a ten-rupee note each, will readily vouch for the sex appeal of these illustrious non-Amercians.

People’s Magazine says that George Clooney is humble and approachable. So are Xin-Wan-lee, Raj, Zuwarah and Azubaike, for God’s sake.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the humble part.

Lalita said...

Exactly. who decides these things? My vote is for you, Raj. Now about those ten Rupees...

Raj said...

Anon naveen : thanks

lalita : cheque is in the mail.

Cmreddy said...

Even my vote is for you Raj... And you can paypal me at