Wednesday, November 29, 2006

R.I.P. Series - 4

A small little bee proved to be his undoing. Here lies whatever remains of Kim Lang Wee, famous acrobat who fell from a height of 250m, midway between the two Petronas Towers, while attempting to break the Guinness Record for tightrope walking.


Srik said...

Hmmmm Love the series. Keep them coming.

Raj said...

Srik ,thanks for your comments against RIP 1, 3 and 4.

Sigma said...

Great series indeed! Keep up the good work !!

Just been directed here through Shruthi's blog. (You might as well consider her paying a commission, if you ever decide to publish your work ;-) )

Lalita said...

Raj, now the fans are crawling out of the woodwork, it looks like. It's nice to think I was here before them.

You rock, dude.

Unknown said...

Yes, I agree with lalita. You totally rock

One of your old (silent) readers, who wishes to establish this fact to prevent being grouped with all these newbies.:)

Raj said...

Sigma, a nice little girl like Shruthi will not accept a commission. But, tell you what, I will dedicate my book to her.

Lalita, I rock what? The boat?

yhac, thanks to the old,strong, silent types like you