Saturday, January 07, 2012

Vacuous and Verbose- 30

The centre-spread of The Hindu today is dominated by an op-ed by Amartya Sen. The title itself, “The glory and the blemishes of the Indian news media” should warn the reader of Sen’s diabolical intention of unleashing a verbal fussilade. And one look at the piece below the title confirms the worst fears. It must easily run into tens of thousands of words.

Some kind of demon possesses these eminent people when they hold a pen to write or touch a keyboard to type. They just can’t stop showing off their knowledge. Words become long sentences, sentences form long paras, paras run into thousands and pages get consumed.

Fortunately, death-by-boredom rate among readers is low as nobody reads these op-eds.

No idea requires to be elaborated in more than 1000 words. If it stretches beyond that it can only mean one thing. That the writer has made use of some filler text from a Lorem Ipsum generator.

Anyway, as Sen has taken such pains to write his thesis, I have taken the trouble of reading it. Here is my response and counter-argument.

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