Friday, January 06, 2012

Vacuous and Verbose-29

The Vice President of India Shri M. Hamid Ansari has said that Deafness affects 6-7 per cent of the Indian population and is a major problem. Delivering inaugural address at the “64th Annual Conference of Otolaryngologists of India” at M.L.N.Medical College, Allahabad today, he has said that these figures point to the magnitude of the challenge facing the country, and especially the concerned specialists and professionals. He has said that our ENT surgeons can do a lot not only to treat it but to prevent it and we also must make concerted efforts to increase the numbers of ENT specialists and Otolaryngologists to tackle this problem effectively.

The Vice President added: “Noise pollution is the other menace contributing to hearing loss. Today we not only have to deal with environmental noise due to traffic or industry, but also recreational noise ever present in the form of loud music etc”. ( Source)

The VP himself is a soft-spoken man, but only the day before he gave this speech he was conducting the proceedings at the Rajya Sabha, which witnessed some of the noisiest sessions ever. The MPs were screaming collectively at high-octave, high decibel levels, not even bothering to use the microphones. One of the ministers made a noise that reminded me of the barking of a pack of German Shepherds let loose, or Naais ( if you know some Tamil)

The Otalaryngolists (what a fancy name) would do well to fit some silencers on to the throats of the MPs, before turning to the rest of the population to apply their methods.

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