Monday, January 23, 2012

Bradman's character

Bradman had the reputation of being a run-getting machine on the field, and a hard Australian off it.

Neville Cardus narrates an incident involving Bradman :

At Adelaide in November, on a night I shall never forget, he told me of his plans to win the rubber. He expected that O’Reilly would tie up Hammond by a leg-stump attack of good length. For the whole evening, he discussed cricket- we were alone in his house. At eleven o’clock he told me he would have to turn me out, as he had a call to make at the hospital. But as the hospital was on the way to my hotel, he drove me into Adelaide, on a night of great beauty. He ran up the step of the hospital and I waited in the car. After a short while he came back, took the wheel and said, “ I’m afraid the poor little chap isn’t going to get through."
The next morning, the death of Bradman’s baby was announced.

I hope I am reticent enough about the night’s happenings. I hope nobody will misunderstand me. I want to give an idea of Bradman’s character.

Source : Cardus on Cricket.

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