Saturday, January 14, 2012


Commenting on the success of the song “Kolaveri di”, A.R.Rahman said, “It is a nice, simple tune. Every now and then a clutter-breaker emerges in music. Jai Ho was one such clutter-breaker. Kolaveri di is in the same category”.

The expression clutter-breaker is common jargon in the advertisement industry. When many ads tend to look or sound similar, along comes one which looks refreshingly simple and different and manages to grab the attention. (See this article here where leading advertising agencies talk about the clutter-breaking ads that they had each created).

Clutter-breakers are required in every field to remove staleness. We need a political party that can view any issue objectively without being burdened by legacy. We need sports officials and selectors who can instill freshness into the whole process. We need restaurants which will come up with simpler themes and simple, good food. – going against the trend of restaurants getting fancier and fancier. Most innovations that are successful have had a very simple idea at the core.

“Simplify. Simpify. In proportion as we simplify our lives, the Universe will appear less complex. “ as Thoreau said.

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