Friday, November 13, 2009

Vacuous and Verbose-6

A self-confessed Tendulkar fan, Ms. Mangeshkar said she wants the veteran right-hander to win the 2011 World Cup for India. (source)

“I want Sachin to win the 2011 World Cup. Not only that, I wish he continues as long as he is playing well, hopefully at least for the next 10 years. He has a lot of cricket left in him,” said the Bharat Ratna recipient.

Ms. Mangeshkar said she gets upset every time there is speculation about Tendulkar’s retirement.

“I don’t know why people start talking about his retirement despite the fact that he is playing so well. I don’t like any criticism directed at Sachin. People go after him if he fails to score once in a while. Even I sometimes sing songs which don’t do well, does that mean I should retire?” she asked.

No less a cricket expert than Ms. Mangeshkar has now certified that Sachin has a lot of cricket left in him. Now, if no less a music expert than Sachin would kindly return the compliments and certify that Ms Mangeshkar has a lot of singing left in her, then the circuit will be complete.


ggop said...

Let the circuit be open! :-)
I think its high time Lata retired.

Raj said...

ggop: I get angry when people say that Lata should retire, just because she is 90 years old. Sachin knows that she has enough singing left in her, and she can easily hold her own till she is 150.

Balajisblog said...

Raj - For many decades now, Doordarshan faithfully has either Latha or her sis singing "Happy New year" to the nation at around 10 pm. on 31 Dec. Let Lata live to 100 and continue singing, but, she must be banned from appearing on TV to croon HNY to the nation.

Sachin - with his effiminate voice, can actually be coached by Latha to sing for leading Heroines....Balaji....

Raj said...

Balaji: Sachin will only sing for his country! That's the greatest honour.