Sunday, November 22, 2009

India, the richest country on 31-12-09

If you can stick around till the year 2109, you can have the satisfaction of seeing India occupy the No. 1 slot in terms of GDP, surpassing that of China's and that of the USA.

Scott Sumner makes out a compelling case for India in his post, a response to Tyler Cowen’s request to state his most absurd belief. . “Don’t let images of Mother Theresa and Slumdog Millionaire cloud your judgment” he urges. “ The Indian economy has a lot of growth ahead of it”

Way to go, India.


ramesh said...

bah .. what about 2012 .. and the asteroid collision event near 2030 .. then the melting of glaciers .. more chance for a zombie invasion than that ..

M S said...

If hope can fetch a Nobel peace prize then it's the turn of absurdity to fetch one in economics!

Way to go Scott! We are with you in this one.

Raj said...

ramesh, the asteroid collision will wipe out the USA and the melting of glaciers will drown China. That's how we'll become No 1

M.S: Way to put it, M.S

Anonymous said...

Ya that was really a gud one dude ...hahahahaha