Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Operation Opera

Complete the following sentence:

"If India wants to enter the league of civilised nations, it must ……….."

Chances are that you filled in the words, “ ensure drinking water for all its citizens” or “ build good roads”, or “ provide reliable power supply in all parts of the country” or “ aim at 100% literacy” and so on.

I am sorry to be the one to break the news that even if we miraculously managed to achieve all these, we still will not make it to the big league. According to Marat Bisengaliev, a man from Kazakhstan, here is what it takes to be counted right up there (source):

"If India wants to be perceived as one of the civilised big powers, they have to have other attributes of a big, global economy—an opera house, a symphony orchestra, a ballet troupe, schools for classical music and dance. We have to find ways to make it possible"

The good news is that Bisengaliev is already in Mumbai with the objective of creating the first Indian professional symphony orchestra. Once he accomplishes that, he will give each one of us a badge that will say that we are citizens of a big, civilised country. Keep some space on your sleeve. And watch this space for more such insights.


ramesh said...

even borat could not think of this .. but other than that, the hottest reality show after 5 years will "Ballet kar Soniye" if Mr Marat is successful .. he can sit like along with Javed Akhtar and in his charming accent tick off the dancers

Ms Chill Pill said...

Hello Raj, I find his comment so incendiary since he doesn't seem to even know that we have OUR own auditoriums for OUR classical dances and music! What a close-minded, bigoted @!#%#%

PS: I am a regular follower of your blog and really enjoy it.