Thursday, November 26, 2009

Death by chocolate

Australian scientists have confirmed what many chocoholics already know, that "comfort food" can reduce stress. Eating foods rich in fat and sugar can alter the chemical composition of the brain and reduce anxiety.

But, as we all know, eating foods rich in fat and sugar can lead to clogged arteries and death.

So, you can either deny yourself the comfort food and live long, though anxiously; or indulge in these goodies and die early but happily. Which do you prefer?


Balajisblog said...

Raj - In my younger days ( which is almost a distant memory now ), I admit I had a fascination for chocs. Nowadays, given a choice between a crisp dosa and a choc, I will flip for the former. When you see good food, I think it is a bad habit to think about arteries...Balaji....

Raj said...

One has to worry only till he/she turns fifty. Beyond that, every year is a bonus and one should eat as if there is no tomorrow. Just like a batsman is circumspect till he reaches his century and then goes berserk.