Thursday, November 05, 2009

Vacuous and Verbose-5

"One cannot go by statistics alone. No ground is good or bad. We have to play to our potential and the results will come along," Dhoni said

With the series tantalisingly poised 2-2, Dhoni said every match was important for the outcome of the series. "When it became 1-1, I said it's like a five-game series. Now we can see it as a three-game series. Every game is important now. It's important not to have an off day.

It's not about targeting a bowler. We have to see which bowler is bowling well and do accordingly," (Dhoni) said. "For us it's more about what we can do and achieve rather than target a bowler," he added.

India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni blamed his batsmen for their four-run loss to Australia in the opening One-Day International cricket match, but said they will bounce back in the seven-match series. "We have to work a bit on our bowling but our batsmen need to bat.”

So, ladies and gentlemen, revealed here for the first time is the amazing Dhoni formula for winning matches. "Our batsmen must bat, our bowlers must bowl, our fielders must field and our wicket-keeper must keep wickets."


Usha said...

And a captain must captain and stop talking?

Molaga said...

For all that Dhoni may or may not be, his views on most occasions are candid and refreshing...especially in the context of the "politically correct" times that we live in.
Remember the platitudes that Sachin used to regularly serve or for that matter the nauseating mutterings of Azhar ??