Sunday, April 19, 2009

Plus Ultra's efforts bear fruit.

Loyal readers of this blog know that Plus Ultra does not hesitate to take up and publicise humanitarian causes that require immediate intervention and solutions.

In this spirit, Plus Ultra had published a complaint received from a person named Raj that he was put to untold difficulty while seated in the aisle seat of a plane, due to the fact that an over-sized fellow-passenger on the next seat would not allow him to breathe.

Thanks to Plus Ultra’s efforts, some airlines have acted upon the complaint. United Airlines which earlier used to take a position that it ‘will not discriminate’ between normal-sized and XXXL passengers”, has come out with a pricing policy, based on which over-sized passengers will have to pay for two seats. The relevant clause reads as follows:

"UA will refuse to transport or will remove at any point, any passenger … in the following categories where refusal to board or removal from the aircraft may be necessary for the safety or comfort of themselves and other passengers: … persons who are unable to sit in the seat with the seat belt fastened and the armrest down. Note: A passenger will not be removed upon the purchase of an extra seat. If an extra seat is not available for sale on the same flight, UA will transport the passenger, without penalty, on the next flight having adjacent available seats and the passenger will be required to purchase the extra seat as a condition of carriage."

If any under-sized passenger wishes to be charged only for half a seat, please write in to Plus Ultra, giving full details.


RukmaniRam said...

do you plan to seat and undersized passenger who paid for half a seat, and an oversized one who paid for 1.5 seats next to each other? im not sure airlines would buy that deal you know...

Raj said...

On free market principles, we should allow such trading to take place, no?

Anjana R said...

transport should be made with penalty. harsher crackdown.
out with obesity.

here it is!!!! said...

Hey Raj,

I have been interested in writing poems as an outlet for my emotions. I read about ur blog about rhymes in poem and wrote one. Please check it out.

Raj said...

Anjana, don't tall people pay more for their XLT shirts? Yes, over-sized people must pay more.

Here it is: I read it. Way to go. May there be more rhymes in poetry.