Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stats and pats not important

Here’s an update on an earlier post.

More yummy apple pies from Sugary, Syrupy, Sweety-pie Sachin. At his 36th birthday bash yesterday, he gushed, “I feel like 16. What matters are the good wishes and blessings”. In the same breath he added, “It’s not about breaking records. It’s about winning matches.” Lest that statement be misunderstood, he explained, after cutting the cake“It’s a terrific feeling to win, and that’s what really matters”. Lest that explanation not be clear enough, he clarified, “Stats are merely a reflection of an individual’s contribution to the team. Though individual contribution matters, it’s more about winning matches”.

Even if you wake him up in the middle of his sleep and fill his mouth with chocolate cake to the point of choking, he still manages to spout his clichés at an amazing rate. What a man!

This is truly my 500th post. The earlier post, in which I had celebrated the milestone, was a mere pretender. But, then stats are not important. What matters is that the country must become prosperous, the nation must stay united, Indians must rule the world, milk and honey must flow freely………


Unknown said...

based on your posts, it appears as though he is preparing for politics.

maybe he is on the ballot in some place with 116 other candidates and will surprise the country by announcing his bid to rule Maharashtra?!


v said...


dravid is one other such person! Diplomatic to the point of being boring and cliche and Blah!

Balajisblog said...


We should send Sachin through Greg Chappell's training school. Or a night with Ian Botham in a pub would help Sachin "polish" his language a bit.

Mambalam Mani said...

congrats on 500.
btw did you see that blog by fakeiplplayer? hyper fun

Raj said...

Sundar, he has got the right credentials and the jargon

Mambalam mani : Thanks, Will try to catch up on fakeplayer.

Balaji: he should simply shut up, and let his bat do the talking as the cliche goes.

perplexed: dravid is not so bad, I think