Saturday, April 11, 2009

Everything's amazing, nobody's happy

I just heard my daughter cribbing about her mobile phone. Apparently, some of her messages (sms) did not get through to the other end, at a satisfactory speed.

Does she know that she is holding an amazing piece of equipment in her hands? Hell, when I was her age, we had to reckon with those landlines and rotary dials that took ages to connect, if at all. And, remember those ‘trunk calls”? If we had to speak to someone in another town, we had to book a call that would come through after a few hours and then we had to shout at the top of our voices, a habit that many of us have retained to this day.

“Everything’s amazing these days, yet nobody’s happy’ explains comedian C.K.Louis in this video ( via). Plane travelers complain about having to sit for 20 minutes in the A/c comfort of the airport, when boarding is delayed. Do they realise, ask Louis, that they are talking about a 20 minute delay on a 5-hour flight. It took their forefathers 30 years to make it to California from New York, with many babies being born and many people dying on the way”

Something seems to be wrong with the Internet connection. This is taking me ages to post…


Unknown said...


Viky said...

Its effing awesome! This Louis guy is incredible!!

Usha said...

Someone told me the other day that two of his friends broke off their engagement because the girl felt that the boy never acknowledged her messages - soon enough. So she felt that she was way down on his list of priorities.

Raj said...

Sundar, that's a nice perspective.

Vicky: yes, the guy has the wry tone, which makes him quite funny.

Usha,true, I read that actress Jennier aniston broke off her relationship with her boyfriend, precisely for that reason.