Friday, January 08, 2010

Vacuous and Verbose-13

"The former President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, said here on Monday that the Earth, which was rapidly exhausting its resources, would not remain an independent entity in the future, but form a “single economic entity” with the Moon and Mars. "This will be possible by developing scientific knowledge in a very unique solution to the crisis of water, energy and infrastructure faced by humanity in different parts of the world.” (source)

If he had suggested that the SAARC countries would form a single economic entity by the year 2015 - a far more plausible scenario,trust me, than planets and satellites being forged into a single economic unit – there would have been many people disagreeing with him or challenging that view.

But the ingenuity of Dr. Kalam’s predictions – and the reason he is held up as a visionary- is that he chooses his time frame well. It has never been his style to take a position on what can happen in a year or two and  carry the needless risk of being proved wrong. He always has to dream of a future that is at least twenty to thirty years away. Till a few years back, he used to talk about his Vision2020, then about his Vision 2025 and now, tired of the small increments, he has upped the ante. He is outlining his Vision 2050, no less.

So, applying his methods, here’s a prediction from my side. By the year 2500, the Milky Way and a few other like-minded galaxies such as the Silky Way and the Bulky Way will not only form a single entity; they will also have a common currency and a common language called the APJAK.

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