Saturday, January 16, 2010


"Uttar Pradesh government today told the Supreme Court that its order to stop the work for construction of statues and memorials for Dalit leaders, including those of Mayawati and her political mentor Kanshi Ram at a park in Noida near here, was causing a loss of Rs three lakh everyday. "(source)

My humble view is that the Supreme Court should allow the UP Govt. to go ahead with the statues, with the caveat that the faces (and the name plates) should be screwed on and be of a removable type. This suggestion on statues was made by R.K.Laxman in a cartoon several years back. His point was that statues need not be monolithic pieces cast in stone. They can be of 2-piece or 3-piece design, with the face detachable. The party that is in power can install the faces of its leaders. The party that comes to power next can unscrew the faces (and the name plates) and substitute them with ones of their leaders or role models.

Don’t you think that the Supreme Court should learn to be a part of the solution and not the problem?


Bhaskar said...

Only problem is Lady M wants 'female statues' and Mr MSY would want 'male statues'. Perhaps this is the reason preventing this solution. Any ideas to resolve this, Raj?

Raj said...

Bhaskar, once we agree on the broad principle,I am sure we can do the detailing. Tell me, if I showed you a statue of a person riding a horse, would you be able to tell if it is Shivaji or Rani Laxmibhai?