Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rite or wrong?

“Last rites performed for Edward Kennedy” read the tickertape on Doordarshan yesterday in reference to his funeral.

While the term ‘last rites’ is used by Hindus (and therefore, solemnly, by the Indian media) to describe the rituals involved in the act of burial or cremation of a dead person, I understand that Catholics use the term to describe the act of ‘anointing the sick” or administering ‘holy communion’ to a dying person or one who faces the threat of death. The dying man can use this opportunity to 'confess' his sins and seek forgiveness.

Incidentally, Senator Kennedy did receive the last rites ( of the Catholic variety) two days before he died.

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Vishwa said...

interesting! din't know the 'catholics use of the term' !