Monday, August 03, 2009


“It seems to me that, in gyms, you have two types of creature: the good-looking young, who are good-looking because they are young, not because they go to the gym; and the less good-looking middle-aged, who are trying really hard to be as good-looking as the young. Which will never happen because they’re not young any more. “writes a columnist in Times online.

…”I detect a trend” she adds.”As soon as you hit 40, putting your body through its paces is the new going out. You may have spent two decades clubbing (and the rest), but you’re not ready to embrace middle-age quite yet, no sirree. The gym is no longer enough, neither is having a six-pack: you need to turn yourself into some kind of Iron Man to prove you’ve still got it."

This makes me feel good. I am well over 40. I don’t go the gym. I don’t want a six-pack. I m perfectly fine with one nice pack. I don’t try to be as good-looking as the young. I merely try to be younger-looking than the ones who are older than me.


ramesh said...

lucky you .. but then in the land of pot bellies who cares ..

Shalini said...

In a land where the media is obsessed by 'size zero' of Kareena and 'six packs' of the various Khans and in turn passing it on to the public,(I mean the obsession),a few of +40s like you and me who do not care much about gymming can come together to form a 'one nice pack' group and blog about it.:)

Raj said...

ramesh, I am not pot-bellied,ok? I don't gym, that's all.

Shalini: When I say I don't gym, I don't mean that I don't do any exercise. It's the 'pumping iron
bit that puts me off.

shalini said...

Oh! apologies for the casual remark.
This is one major problem with the net. One can't give a face and figure to the one on the other side.:)