Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dear Diary-12

Dear Diary,

I had to get up six times last night to apply Odomos on self. Otherwise, I would have been carried away by the mosquitoes into a far-off domain, unknown to and unseen by human beings.

I have been soaking up tons of this stuff and I suspect that I constantly exude the aroma of lemongrass from the tiny pores of my skin. This explains why people get alerted to my imminent arrival in a room, a few minutes before I reach there. They probably get this tingling sensation in their olfactory nerves that forewarns them.

If you have read the Asterix comics ( who hasn’t?), you will know that all the Gauls energise themselves with a magic potion prepared by their druid, before they get into battle. All except Obelix, who had fallen into a cauldron of magic potion when he was a baby, and consequently was conferred the benefit for life, and was spared the burden of having to re-charge himself every now and then.

I wish I had been dropped into a huge cauldron containing a concentrated paste of Odomos , when I was a child and had attained life-long immunity to mosquitoes. Would have saved me the hassle of getting up six times a night, for life.


Usha said...

And you think you would have beaten them. Ha! the chennaikarakosus would have risen to the occasion by mutating faster to become immune to the odomosized blood and you would be getting up 6 times to apply kerosene all over.
Dont underestimate them Kosus of couum!

Raj said...

Usha, hey, don't rub it in. Otherwise, I'll carry some to Bengaluru and allow them to proliferate.

Melvin said...

I'm still scratching myself from the mosquito bites I endured during my last visit to Chennai, back in '05.