Friday, January 18, 2008

Conversation with daughter-21

(Walking back with daughter after her ‘theatre’ class)

Daughter: Where’s the car? Don’t tell me we are walking back.

Me: We are going to walk back, you brat. It takes just 10 minutes to reach home.

Daughter: 10 minutes! My aching feet!

Me: You know, I used to walk for miles, when I was your age. School, shop, playground, everywhere.

Daughter: But, it must have been so easy those days. Not so much of traffic….

Me: That’s why you need to walk now. There’s simply too much traffic already. Why add one more car?

Daughter: But, your parents let you go walking alone. I am sure you will never permit me.

Me: Suppose I permit you, will you go walking to school?

Daughter: No.

Me: So, it’s nothing to do with my permitting you.

Daughter: Oh, Oh. You are dragging me into a complicated conversation again.

Me: What do you mean, I am dragging you?

Daughter : And I know why you are doing it. You are searching for something to blog about.


Usha said...

Heheheheh.... The unflappable Raj outdone by smarter Daughter... I AM LOVIN' IT.

Unknown said...


soon there will be a DOBA

or "Daughters Of Bloggers -Anonymous" where they will be discussing stratagies ...


Anonymous said...

your daughter has busted ur

dipali said...

She knows you so well!

Revathi said...

ha ha ha...
so, now ppl who know your blogs are very self-conscious? you do have a laughing weapon.

Raj said...

usha, I'll get even with her soon.

sundar, yes, they will soon form a syndicate.

philip, too bad

dipali, too bad

revathi, yes, must change my methods. Am getting too predictable

Unknown said...

i came by ur post recently from two different sources..the first time i let it go but when i had been directed here for a second time , i decided to read to check out whats there in here. Been reading the Dad - daughter conv - and they are natural to mundane to intelligent to interesting..but i really like this one - one smartie out there, great girl!

Raj said...

Sindhu, thanks. Do drop in again.