Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Superweb

It had finally happened in the year 2034. Orwell had been off by 50 years.

All the PCs in this world- with the exception of P.Chidambaram – had been interconnected.. The geeks and the freaks had worked tirelessly to get this going wirelessly.

Whatever the human sense organs or the man-made instruments and sensors could observe, smell, hear or feel had been decoded, digitalized and disaggregated into little bits of data that could be transmitted at speeds of several million terabits per second.

All available data bases ( or data basii) known to mankind had been strung together in a seamless fashion, to create multidimensional access to knowledge in real time, irrespective of location, distance, language or sex.

In a final feat of convergence, cybertechnologists had collaborated with nanotechnologists and neuroscientists to achieve the ultimate breakthrough : the permeable interface between electrons and neurons, between man and machine. Human brains could now be hardwired and made to directly communicate with the web..

There was now just one, unified, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Superweb with access to all that has been known or will ever be known.

This was the moment that Humankind had been waiting for . The opportunity to find the answer to that one question that had been haunting humans since time immemorial, namely, “ Is there life after death ?”

Collectively - for all brains and storage devices had a common thought process now- the question was typed out on the virtual keyboard .

The answer came in a few seconds

“ Fatal error has occurred. Windows 2034 will now shutdown. All data will be lost”

(Adapted from a short story I remember reading many years ago)


Cmreddy said...

Quite thought provoking at the same time entertaining.. By the way, the back ground design is too harsh on the eyes.. may be you could consider changing it.

Cmreddy said...
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Cmreddy said...

thank you for changing the back ground. Actually i got your id from Crystal blurs comments. I feel, more than her works, the chamcha giri comments are quite funny. Of all the guys there.. yours sounded more prudent and valid.. Actually i wanted to make similar comments on your lines, but then I thought what the heck..

One more interesting fact is, though your posts are good enough, I hardly find any user comments.. May be becos you are not a SHE.. Anyways.. I like reading your blogs.. Keep it up..

Raj said...

Thank you cmreddy for the encouragement. And yes,I did change the template based on your feedback. Thanks