Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Laugh out loud

I came across this video of the climax scene of “Star Wars’ – but with a slight difference. It’s got a laughter track added. So, what was intended to be a tense, grim scene turns out to be more of a spoof.

Someone on Twitter spotted this site called “Lolinator’ which helps you add a laugh track to any video available on YouTube. So, you can download the final scene of a Sivaji Ganesan film, say “Devar Megan” and add canned laughter at appropriate places.

Just as DVDs offer you the option of sub-titles, they should provide this feature too – laughter track, to enhance the viewing experience of those like me who hate tear jerkers and emotion-charged scenes.

In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that there should be a portable device with embedded earplugs for use in real-life situations, to lighten the atmosphere. Say you are with your boss for a performance review and he is pulling you up for falling short of your target. You can activate the laughter track which will be audible only to your ears. It will help you cope with the situation much better. It will enable you to see the lighter side of life. Needless gravitas will turn to endless levity.

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Priya Sivan said...

Recently I happened to watch the film "Nanban" in a theater. It was amusing to observe that no one even nodded their head while the sound of laughter was heard all along. So Lollinator is the culprit? :)