Friday, January 23, 2009

Conversation with daughter- 28

Daughter: Appa, how does one become a Prime Minister or a President?

Me: What do you mean?

Daughter: I mean, what does one have to study? Just as you have to study Medicine to become a doctor?

Me: Let me think. ….What you need to do is to complete a Bachelor’s course in Arts, followed by a Master’s.

Daughter: How does that help you become President?

Me: Well, that’s what this guy called Baracko did.

Daughter: Baracko?

Me: Yes, he did his B.A and then his M.A and called himself Barack Obama. That's how he became President .


Anonymous said...

That's not right, he did Law in Ivy League, he had a dream that he followed with all vigor, also, had standards even in politics. He gave hope and substantiated with talking points. He got the right people for the right job. I Love OBAMA!

Rachna said...

I agree. I look upto Obama too. He is not only well-educated, articulate but he seems compassionate too. He has beaten all odds to reach where he has. I love Obama too.

Raj said...

Here it is, Rachna: My desperate attempts at being funny have been thwarted by both of you!

Escape.... Great Escape said...

Your daughter should write movie scripts. This was the theme for the movie "Sivappadhigaaram"

Silverstreak said...

Haha I realized the dude's name could've even been Rackoba! BArack ObaMA! OK, unfunny.. Lol.

dipali said...

Such an interesting perspective on the POTUS's name!

Vishwa said...

too bad! I've done a B-tech :(