Monday, January 05, 2009

Conversation with daughter- 27

Daughter: Appa, you have been biting my head off since yesterday.

Me: Not without reason, you will agree.

Daughter: You are over-reacting.

Me: Over-reacting?

Daughter: I admit that I have been overdoing things a bit, but you are over-reacting.

Me: Let us get this straight. If you agree you are overdoing, isn’t my increased reaction proportionate to your deed, and therefore not an over-reaction?

Daughter: No, even for the overdoing, yours is an over-reaction.

Me: Let’s use some simple mathematical terms to settle this argument. Suppose a wrong deed of magnitude X merits a reaction equal to Y, then a deed of X+x will elicit a proportionate response of Y+y. No?

Daughter: No. Your reaction has been Y+2y. Tone it down by a small y. That’s my point.


Dilip Muralidaran said...

chanceless, she gt u good this time around :P

Usha said...

who was it who said 'we each get the daughter we deserve'?

Anonymous said...

That's over-over reaction. He he!

Raj said...

Dilip, hmmm. I'll bounce back next time.

Usha, true.

Anonymous said...

X deserves Y raised to X
X+x deserves Y raised to (X+x), atleast for my daughter

vishee said...

why talk rocket-science!
why talk maths!