Monday, September 08, 2008

The curious case of the BMW

The BMW case has attracted lot of attention in the media. What I found curious was why it came to be referred to as the BMW case. India Today, whose report I have linked to, explains helpfully that the BMW case came to be known as the BMW case, because the rich businessman who mowed down the poor victims was driving a BMW car. Reasonable.

But, why is that the case involving Alistair Pereira convicted for killing seven sleeping labourers is not referred to as the Toyota Corolla case, because that was the car he was driving? Or the case of the equally rich Manish Khatau as the Ford Ikon case? If you say these cars are not in the same league as the BMW to merit a mention, what about the case of Neel Chatterjee who knocked down a cop while driving his Mercedes Benz? Why isn’t it the Benz case?

Why single out BMW?


Silverstreak said...

Woah, thats some observation!

Anonymous said...

Indeed some observation!! Incidentally I have a BMW !!
Would like to have your enlightened views on the Singur episode & the likes of Mamata Bannerjee

Anonymous said...

i think you answered it in your next post. BMW fits into the 44 font space for breaking news. can we ever say Ashok Leyland Comet 4000?

- anaconda