Saturday, September 06, 2008

Conversation with daughter-25

Me: An old lady, I have never met in my life, came up to me today at the airport, and asked me if we could check in our luggage together.

Daughter: Why did she want that?

Me: Because she had three heavy suitcases and wanted to combine hers with mine to avoid the charges for excess baggage, the cheapskate.

Daughter: Why do you call her a cheapskate?

Me: Because she was obviously wealthy; she had 2-3 shopping bags filled with goodies too.

Daughter: So, what did you tell her?

Me: I told her that it wasn’t right and I wouldn’t oblige her.

Daughter: Why not?

Me: Because I don’t want to cheat the airline that is entitled to the extra money from her. I am a loyal, frequent flier.

Daughter: What did the old woman say?

Me: She gave me a sob story of how she was returning home after spending 3 months with her aged sister who had had a hip fracture. That’s why she had accumulated so much stuff to carry back.

Daughter: Too bad…about her sister

Me: Tell me what you would have done. Would you have agreed to check in your luggage along with hers?

Daughter: No, I don’t think so.

Me: You wouldn’t have helped her even if she told you that her sister had had a hip fracture?

Daughter: No. I would have liked to, but I wouldn’t have.

Me:What if the old lady herself, and not her sister, had a fractured hip?

Daughter: Then she wouldn't be visiting her sister and accumulating the excess luggage.

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