Friday, May 23, 2008

Were Tamilians the first Pakistanis?

Here is someone putting forward a theory – or, perhaps reviving an old one- that there was an Indus Valley civilization which belonged to the Vedic culture. The Aryans, the horse-chariot people, displaced and pushed it south. The horse-people with no culture of their own adopted the Vedic culture and the Vedic Indus Valley civilization had a second innings.

Also, he adds, while an entire swathe of land stretching from Gujarat to Spain shares an Indo-European family of languages, a notable exception is the Kalat region of Baluchistan, where more than two million people speak Bruhai, a Dravidian group of language. Ergo, Tamil is the oldest of all present Indian languages and Tamilians were perhaps the first Sindhis.

Then, he digresses slightly and wonders if the Ramayana took place in Russia? The epic mentions horses, which were not to be found in India then. Was Ram a Cossack, the most famed of all horse-people? Doesn’t “Valmiki” sound Russian, perhaps a corruption of Vladmikhailovich, who lived in the present Russian town named Sverdlovsk, formerly perhaps Swargalok?

My own theory is that the Ramayan wasn’t written by Valmiki at all, but by someone else bearing the same name.


Usha said...

This sounds like the kind of mix up about dates and places in my mind the day before history exams....
I think you may be on to something with that Vladmikhailovich and valmiki angle...heheheheheh

Hawkeye said...

you should see eroteme's blog and where the fight with ramaswami's poor logic continued.

Hawkeye said...