Thursday, April 17, 2008

Statins save lives

A study has apparently pointed out that statin drugs do not prevent heart attacks by lowering cholesterol. No, sir, they don’t. Statins prevent heart attacks by controlling inflammation. That’s how they do it.

I remember Mad magazine once came up with a wise observation that, contrary to popular belief, bulls don’t get affected by red colour at all. The reason they attack you when you display red colour is because they hate being mistaken for cows, which are the ones that do get affected by the red colour.

Does it matter whether bulls attack you because they are affected by the red colour themselves or because they are angry that you have mistaken them for cows? In either case, they attack you.

Does it matter how statins prevent heart attacks- whether by attacking the inflammation or by attacking the cholesterol? In either case, they attack. So gulp them down, whatever may be your cholesterol level.

The fact is that the CEOs of many drug companies are stressed out due to falling revenues and it is incumbent on all of you to go out right now and buy the statins to prop up the sales. The statins may not help your heart one bit. But by swallowing one or two a day, you will prevent the heart-attacks of all those CEOs. Or, should that be hearts-attack?

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Usha said...

I think it is many hearts each having an attack so I propose hearts-attacks by lowering cholesterol and /or attacking inflammation.