Friday, April 18, 2008

Pre-taped, live shows

What happens when you try to pre-tape a call-in show? I found this episode hilarious. (via).

Reminded me of the maddening, circular references in the book “Catch 22”, such as this one :

Maj. Major Major Major: Sergeant, from now on, I don't want anyone to come in and see me while I'm in my office. Is that clear?
First Sgt. Towser: Yes, sir? What do I say to people who want to come in and see you while you're gone?
Maj. Major Major Major: Tell them I'm in and ask them to wait.
First Sgt. Towser: For how long?
Maj. Major Major Major: Until I've left.
First Sgt. Towser: And then what do I do with them?
Maj. Major Major Major: I don't care.
First Sgt. Towser: May I send people in to see you after you've left?
Maj. Major Major Major: Yes.
First Sgt. Towser: You won't be here then, will you?
Maj. Major Major Major: No.
First Sgt. Towser: I see, sir. Will that be all?
Maj. Major Major Major: Also, Sergeant, I don't want you coming in while I'm in my office asking me if there's anything you can do for me. Is that clear?
First Sgt. Towser: Yes, sir. When should I come in your office and ask if there's anything I can do for you?
Maj. Major Major Major: When I'm not there.
First Sgt. Towser: What do I do then?
Maj. Major Major Major: Whatever has to be done.
First Sgt. Towser: Yes, sir.


Hawkeye said...

there is the part where someone comes to meet Major*4 and talks to Towser about it. Towser asks him to wait until Major*4 leaves.

that conversation was absolutely hilarious.

Vikram Nandwani said...

:D :D :D

dipali said...

That was classic!

Raj said...

Hawkeye, yes, there are many more like that, hilaious.

vikram, dipali, thanks