Saturday, March 29, 2008

My luxury splurge

Happened to pick up a copy of today’s issue of Mint, at the Mumbai airport. It carries a special feature on “Luxury Splurge”.

It has some useful tips on how you can spend your annual bonus that your company has generously doled out to you. The ideas are divided into three broad categories, for those earning bonuses under Rs 10 lakhs, for those earning between Rs 10 lakhs and Rs 50 lakhs and finally, those over Rs 50 lakhs.

Pleased that I was fitting into one of the categories, viz the one between zero and 10 lakhs, albeit closer to the former than the latter, I read the whole piece.

The suggested ways to spend the bonus are :

1) Participate in Bloomsbury Auctions, London on 22nd May, for collection of classic works such as Henri Cartier- Bresson’s “Marseilles” at Rs 4.8 to 5.6 lakhs
2) Buy a Vellus Aureum Zegna Suit for Rs 6 lakhs ( note Suit is spelt with a capital “S’)
3) Enjoy a 30-course dinner at El Bulli, Spain ( price around Rs 1.43 lakhs, plus Business Class Air fare approximately Rs 1.43 lakhs)

None of these appealed to me and just when I was beginning to lose interest, I spotted this suggestion to go in for a Vu LCD Television, costing only Rs 29,000. The kind of price, at last, that was within my striking distance. The fine print however said that this was a water-proofed, 15 inch TV, perfect for in-shower channel surfing. Meant, I surmised, for those who suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms if denied the facility of watching TV while in the bath.

I think I will spend my entire bonus on fitting a shower in my drawing room, so that I am not denied the pleasure of having a bath, while watching TV.


Anonymous said...

hehehe! totally hilarious :)

Raj said...

veens, thanks