Saturday, March 08, 2008

Correct your diaries

In a significant study, scientists have determined that the Grand Canyon could be 11 million years older than previously thought. So, the correct age may be 17 million years and not 6 million years. In case you were planning to hire a Time Machine to go back to when the Grand Canyon was taking shape, it is going to cost you three times more than what you had budgeted.

On a related note, I am amazed that some people still cling to the view that the Triassic age began 230 million years ago. This is completely wrong. Paleontologists first postulated in 1862 that dinosaurs must have appeared 230 million years back. But, another 146 years have passed since. So, the Triassic Age actually began 230 million and 146 years back. You might think that the increase is a small percentage of the total, but remember that 146 years is not insignificant. Hell, it is nearly three times my age.

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