Monday, February 04, 2008

Quiet typewriter proprietor wrote quite proper poetry

Contrived, no doubt, but whenever Technorati decides to scan the blogosphere for the longest blog title typed out by using any one line of the standard Qwerty keyboard, I want mine to figure in the list of top 100. Wish me luck.

Try your repertoire too


Usha said...

Being your best blog buddy and all - no, that should be, you being my best blog buddy and all - I did the search and yes, yours was the first search result.yipeeeeee

But why, Raj? want to talk about it? midlife crisis or something. happens, I understand. :)

Raj said...

Usha, because you are my best blog buddy, you were kind enough to call it a midlife crisis and not a geriatric one, Thanks.

P.S.: just curious. how did you do the blog search?

P.P.S : Did you notice that the last line of post was also from one line of the keyboard?

Usha said...

enlightened self interest buddy - will a 49 year old ever admit 50 is geriatric??

Searched on - longest blog title, standard qwerty keyboard

P.P.S:had overlooked that in my concern over your condition. hehe

Anonymous said...

I have never understood how that Technorati works..!

But I saw you blog too :)

You made it :D

Raj said...

Usha, actually 49 is old, you know. You reverse the process when you turn 50.....

Veens, thanks.