Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Boyle's walk

Mark Boyle of the UK is travelling to India. That’s not big news, but he plans to walk the whole distance. Even that’s been done by travelers in the past. What makes his journey unusual is that he will carry no money with him. Not even traveller’s cheques or credit cards.

Mark Boyle is a freeconomist. No, not a freakonomist, but one who is part of the freeconomy movement which seeks to create a moneyless society. “The more money we accumulate” he says, “the more it leads to a breakdown of community”.

“We need to get back to a more communal way of living”, he believes.

Hmm, must be some rich kid wanting to do something different.

As I don’t have enough money to join him on his adventure, I will just wish him good luck.

And, what’s got into BBC News? The map that they have published in the article on Mark Boyle is neither authentic nor true. I have seen maps where the disputed area of Kashmir is shown in either Pakistan or India. Here they have represented the entire Jammu & Kashmir as an independent country. But, in fairness to BBC, they have left out Scotland and Wales from UK too. So, it squares things up.

Update 29/02/08 : Mark Boyle had to abandon his journey at Calais, France.


Revathi said...

I have seen maps where parts of J&K belong to CHna as well :) As though we don't have enough reasons to fight, these publishers give more ideas :)
Not only I don't have the money to walk, I can't even seem to afford the luxury of taking a long break to do some thing like this...ha ha ha....it is a luxury .

Anonymous said...

Actually, they are only showing England, not the UK. Which is why they left out Scotland and Wales. You think the BBC would dare take any liberties with the UK map?

Anonymous said...

They really did cut India's head off :D

Long walk without money?! How will he eat/drink/rest? Oh! and does he do this for money. :)

Anonymous said...

my first visit to your post:-)))

Good observation....

Waise world is in impression that kkashmir is independent....and India and pakistan are fighting for it:PPP

BBC does not wants more disputes over it...so have already decalred it as an independent state:-)))

Unknown said...

did you check that map carefully?

was tamilnadu part of srilanka in that map?


you never know what the BBC might give to whom!

Raj said...

revathi, the free economy movement needs you. Join now.

Lekhni: England to India (minus J&K)?

veens: he will do some work and earn his food, I guess,

chakoli: Autonomy for J%K granted by BBC? Great!

sundar: TN is still part of India. Wonder why they didn't include SL.