Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why we lost ......

In the hullabaloo and hysteria over India’s loss in the World Cup, so many different theories have been put forward to explain what happened. Women have joined in too in the bashing, with their herteria.

Some say that India should never have batted first against Bangladesh and, in the match against Sri Lanka, should never have asked the opponents to bat first. In the match against Bangladesh, the Indians appeared to be saving their energy for the next encounter against Bermuda; in the match against Sri Lanka they appeared quite exhausted after the Bermuda match in which they had given all that they had.

Others have questioned the exclusion of Kumble, Dinesh Kartik and Irfan Pathan from the team and have criticized Dravid for his shortsightedness in limiting the number of players to eleven, in a crucial match.

A blogger has suggested that Indians lacked the hunger to win. The trick is, he concluded in his thought-provoking post, is to pack the team with millions of hungry men.

A famous ex-cricketer has opined that our fielding let us down and observed that in the race involving the ball and Indian fielders up to the boundary line, the former invariably won. In his own time, he pointed out, fielders used to be strategically positioned outside the boundary line.

Media has been quite vocal in its criticism. One newspaper has written in its editorial that the cricketers got carried away by all the hype that was created by the media and strongly recommended that newspapers must be banned.

My own theory- and I could be wrong occasionally- is that one of the main reasons that India lost to Sri Lanka was because we failed to score as many runs in the match as the Sri Lankan batsmen did. In the final analysis, this cost us the match.

In fact, I would be so bold as to predict that the winner of this edition of the World Cup would be the team that scores more runs than its opponent in the final. Duckworth-Lewis could prove me wrong, but I am sticking my neck out.


Jayaprakash Sampath said...

Raj : should say your theory sounds genuine compared to that of a viewer's, in a talk show hosted by a clown called bosskey at DD podhigai . The viewer said, Indira Gandhi was the main reason for us not making it to Super Eight, as she was reponsible for the birth of the nation, Bangaladesh. :-)

thepsychologic said...

Hooraaaay!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Kind of bold I must admit your analysis is. It is well ahead of time, the finals match being so far away. You have no clue who is going to play the finals. I dont think you should be able to predict the weather conditions that day or could you? You cant predict if each team that gets into the finals will or not have hungry men and if yes, how many, may be 11? And how many of those will field safely from outside the boundary line or not. Will newspapers be banned by then or will their hype affect the teams at all. So many variables and yet, you have such a daring prediction to make. Makes me wanna think if the indian president Dr. Abdul Kalam has indeed had a positive effect on our brightests mind :)

Escape.... Great Escape said...

I would blame Bermuda for india not having qualified for the SUper 8s. All that was required of them was ot beat Bangladesh by 400 runs or 47 oves, whichever was convenient to them. THey failed even in that reasonable ask.

So as a country, I feel we should boycott bermuda shorts.. and children should shy away from drawing triangles. They must resort to circles... Sachin's favourite figure.

Usha said...

Why India Lost?! I did not know we had another option. If there is then why do we invariably end choosing this option - I m sure Dravid and co have a good explanation that dumb brains such as mine dont understand.

How original of you to come up with the final winning scenario and stick your neck out too!!I sincerely hope hope you are vindicated by the final results.

Raj said...

Icarus prakash,that's another explanation, of course.

psychologic, thanks for 'prompting me.

anupadmaja : always a pleasure when someone actually reads through the entire post and comments. Thanks..

Escape..: Or, both Bermuda and Bangladesh should have beaten Sri Lanka.

Usha, come on, don't be so harsh on Dravid, your city-mate.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Anupadmaja's comment!