Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nobody told me...

What with all this travelling and the blogging, I seem to have lost track of the latest developments in Bollywood. About what’s happening between who and who, how and when. I hope that some reader will be able to bring me up-to-date on the Bachchan story, for instance . Here’s how much I know about it.

A month back, I heard this juicy bit of news that Abhishek Bachchan had secretly exchanged garlands with Aishwarya Rai at a temple in Madurai, when they had gone there to shoot for Mani Ratnam’s film, “Guru”.

Then, last week, I read this news item that claimed that Amitabh and Jaya had gone to Varanasi along with their son Abhishekh. Aishwarya Rai was also there. The rumour was that they had all gone to the Kasi Vishwanath temple, after a breakfast of Masal Dosa, for a special puja to dispel the Manglik Dosha that Aishwarya was supposed to be afflicted with.

Here is where I lose track and need some help and updating by my readers. I am aware that Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri were courting each other, acting together and singing duets in Abhimaan and other films. But, when did they get married and why didn’t anybody inform me?


Anonymous said...

i was born after they married. dont loose heart by the low count of readers of your blog. ill always be there


Raj said...

Akshay, good to know that someone's around. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Donno which is more hilarious.. the blog or the comment !!