Thursday, April 27, 2006

Raj's Register of Righteous Rhetoric- 1

“None other than an Indian Test cricketer has the right to wear the India Test cap and the dignity of the India Test cap should be maintained at any cost “ :

- Sunil Gavaskar, hurt by the `abuse' of the India Test cap by a foreign member of the support staff during the last tour of Pakistan (Source : The Hindu)

"I can't see the problem, these players are turning out for their countries, it's an honour to represent your country. I would be willing to sweat 365 days in a year for India. Those who can't stand the heat should stay out."

- Sunil Gavaskar , shocked that players are complaining about the packed schedule while adding that the hard grind came with the honour of representing one's country (Source : Cricinfo)

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Anonymous said...

come on... sunny wasnt exactly the hard working non-complaining cricketeer when was in the team.