Saturday, April 01, 2006

O, where is the rainy moon?

I am spending the week-end at a sea-side resort. Stretched out on the hammock that the resort guys have thoughtfully provided. Watching the waves as they gently strike the shore, the cool breeze as it tenderly picks up the sand, the birds flying majestically, flapping their wings so gracefully.

Ha, the sea always brings out the poet in me. So, here goes………….. .

Oh, where is the rainy moon?
Where is the rainy wave?

Why does the cloud die?
Fall quietly like a small shark.
Wave calmly like a dead wave.
All seashells pull warm, big sailors.
Endurance, desolation and desolation

Small, rainy girls quietly love a rainy, rainy, ship.
Rough old pirates roughly love a misty, cold gull.
Die roughly like a misty captain.
Love is a small shore.
All sailors fight warm, clear ships.

Life, courage and faith.
Death, faith and endurance.
All breezes fight warm, big ships..
Rise roughly like a rough reef

Endurance, adventure and death.
Why does the breeze sail?
Shores sail like sunny captains.
All seas view warm, warm seashells.

Why does the seashell die ?
All reefs view rainy, clear clouds.

Seas grow like rainy clouds.
The misty shark calmly commands the tuna.
The cold mainland quietly commands the sea.
Where is the rainy moon?
Where is the rainy wave?

Where is the cold wind?
The sailor travels like a warm ship.
Why does the shore grow?
The lad endures like a small mainland.

Oh, where is the rainy moon?
Where is the rainy wave?

For those of you who are not as talented as I am and are not blessed with the gift of poetry, I recommend this poem generator

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Casement said...

'Lollu' should have been your middle name!:))