Wednesday, June 07, 2006

News round-up

Rahul Mahajan has been caught snorting cocaine. Misguided fool. Couldn’t he have got hold of something more pleasurable like heroin – such as Aishwarya Rai, Kajol, Rani Mukherjee?

What is wrong with the present lot of West Indian cricketers? Why are they so excitable and boisterous? Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, I remember they were far more Sobers. Sobers, of course, was from Barbados, but this Brian Lara was born in Trinidad. Yes, his father was a Trinidadian and his mother a Trinimomian. Both heavy smokers as they lived in Tobago nearby. That explains.

Wimbledon will happen soon. Is Martina Navratilova going to play for the 40th year in a row? And what about her eight sisters, Ek-ratilova, Do-ratilova, Teen-ratilova……? Will Federer be judged the best player of all times and become Federest? Only Time can say, or perhaps Newsweek too.

Football mania has gripped Europe. All eyes are on Ronaldo and Ronaldino. I read a story that George Bush, when told about these two guys, asked in all innocence, “ How many millions make a Brazillion?” I don’t blame Bush. Americans tend to get confused over such trivial things. A guy from Florida once told me that he wouldn’t trust me as I was a Tamilian and his zoology teacher had told him that Tamilians keep changing their colours. Had to gently point out that perhaps his zoology teacher had referred to a chameleon and not a Tamilian. Though there are some resemblances, the two belong to entirely different species.

Sholay is being re-made. Should taste great with Alu-tikki. I vaguely remember the movie of the ‘70s. Gabbar Singh trains his pistol at one of his men, shoots, misses and says, “ Yeh bach gaya”. He takes aim at a second guy, misses again and says, “ Yeh bhi bach gaya”. He does the same thing the third time and says, “ A B C bach gaya”. And laughs his guts out. Memorable scene. Powerful acting.

News that Abdul Kalam will get into a supersonic aircraft today and cross the 1 Mach barrier is heartening to hear When he is traveling above the speed of sound, maybe, we living in the sub-Mach world, will not be able to hear him and be spared of his sermons on his Vision 2025.


Anu said...

hahhahha! witty and nice word play. And no arguments.

Cmreddy said...

Hi Raj, here I have attempted to profile you. May be you can make some additions and corrections if you wish to do so..


Vee Cee said...

oh man! you totally deserve the 'chennaikaran' URL! keep em coming.

Priya Sivan said...

:))) Though i dont hv anything to say abt this blog except that its humourous, this comment is dedicated to cmreddy :)) Hv a look at his link and u will know :))

Shruthi said...

This post was gooooood!!!! :)
And no I am not a male with a female-sounding handle :D