Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day thoughts.

Today’s edition of The Indian Express carries an article on “Father’s Day”, authored by someone called Deepak Gharial.

The article is titled,“ Present Perfect” and asks “ What do you give your dad on Father’s Day?” There is a photograph of a very Western-looking father and son, both dressed in formal, black suits. You know, the typical father-son duo that you find in any town or village in India.

Deepak Gharial writes :“ Your dad is one of the most important persons in your life. Now is the time to give him the recognition and thanks. Maybe, though, you find it hard to find the perfect gift for him. If you are strapped for ideas, here’s a list of things that might come in handy”.

Among the items Deepak Gharial lists are a classy timepiece ('to spell style and taste'), a bottle of Scotch whisky or a selection of fine wines from around the world, or a Golf kit (‘even if Dad has the basic kit, more specific clubs can be added to suit one’s abilities’). He ends by pointing out that ‘though you might spend a few hundreds or thousands on these gifts, it’s really the time that you spend with him that will make him feel like a million bucks!.

Some questions for Indian Express and Deepak Gharial :

1) Were you were not able to find even a single photograph of an Indian father – son or father-daughter to accompany this article?

2) Do you seriously believe that these elitist items like Scotch whisky and Golf sets make any sense to even 1% of the readership of Indian Express?

3) If you must plagiarise an article from an American newspaper, can’t you spend a few minutes to, at least, “Indianise” the content to some extent?

On a grimmer note, The Hindu carries an ad of Apollo Hospitals that tries to play the 'guilt' card. “Your father” it says, “has been a mentor, guide, teacher, role model… But while being all this he neglects his health. Shouldn’t you on this Father’s Day show your gratitude by helping him to take care of his heart?”

I am now quite confused, as I am not sure what I would prefer as a Father’s Day gift from my daughters. A Golf kit consisting of more specific clubs ( whatever that means) or a Gift Voucher from Apollo Hospital to do a 64-slice CT scan of my heart.


neha vish said...

My dad would be shocked if I wished him. He gets totally embarassed by such stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think this whole 'father's day', 'mother's day' was all started by greeting card companies to promote sales. Otherwise they would only be selling birthday cards, get well soon cards and anniversary cards. Now consumerism has taken over these events.

Did LIC have an ad?

Casement said...

Sometimes, Indian media lacks imagination.

Golf clubs, Scotch...Hmmm...Deepak Ghariyal, ungappa father, ungamma mother!!!

Raj said...

Neha, wishing him is not enough. Get him a bottle of wine or a Golf kit !

Sowmya, no, I didn't see an ad from LIC. But if you are suggesting that son/daughter should take out an insurance policy on dad, the beneficiary would be the son/daughter eventually. Motive will be suspect.

Casement : I wonder how old this deepak is. Maybe he is 50+ and list is meant for his son/daughter to pick up some hints.

Usha said...

First of all how many of us can relate to the concept of "father's day". Starting from there it is all ad kitsch.
As for plagiarising stupidly, Indian writers are actually patenting that skill I understand.
But what you say totally made sense - all you need to do is spend a day with your father - i don't think there can be a better gift. Anita Nairwrote a touching tribute to her father in the same paper. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Deepak Gharial seems to be an effin moron!!!