Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Japan this week.

I came across four different news stories related to Japan.

The first reported that sales of adult diapers in Japan would soon exceed that of baby diapers. The changing demographics and increase in percentage of geriatric citizens ( quite a few of them suffering from incontinence) leads to more business for adult diapers.

The second said that the number of elderly people (over 65 years) arrested for shoplifting in Tokyo exceeds the number of teenaged shoplifters. This could be a reflection again of the changing demographic profile or could be because the moral standards of the younger generation are better than that of the older generation.

The third story is on the increasing popularity of palm surgery, to get palm lines redrawn as prescribed by the ‘science’ of palmistry, and thereby get one’s destiny or fate reshaped the way one wants it. I found this brilliant. Even Indians have not thought of this.

Finally, there’s this article on a unique beauty treatment offered by salons in Japan.  Live snails are made to crawl on one’s face. It is claimed that the slime removes old cells and rejuvenates the skin.

Why did I read all these stories in a span of two days? Is there an overarching theme  that I am missing out? 

Update 17/07/13 : I missed a fifth one. This story is about the craze 
for "eyeball licking" among Japanese schoolchildren that is reportedly causing a surge in eye-related infections


ramesh said...

the overarching theme is strangeness .. but then japanis have always been strange

Vaidy said...

Regarding #1 & #2, if you haven't done so yet, I suggest you read this great book published in 2006, "America alone : the end of the world as we know it", by Mark Steyn. He has some excellent points on changing demographics. I read it recently and loved it.


Raj said...

Ramesh : Yes, some of the stories are indeed bizarre.

Vaidy : Thanks, will look it up .

Zohaib said...

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