Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Law-breakers, unite.

A ‘good samaritan’ in my neighbourhood catches hold of all the stray dogs in the area and manages to tie collars around their necks. This, he explains, is to give them the status of ‘owned dogs’ and prevent them from being rounded up by the Corporation to be castrated or killed or whatever it is that Corporations do to stray dogs. 

The interesting thing here is that this good fellow doesn’t realise that the Corporation personnel are law-enforcers and that they could be removing these stray dogs for a proper reason. His compassion misguides him here. 

Same with the case of the driver fraternity. Seeing traffic cops waiting to catch helmetless drivers of two-wheelers, they are quick to alert and warn other drivers heading in that direction of the danger lurking in the corner and to take a different route. The police are trying to enforce a law here and punish the offenders. As law-abiding citizens, we ought to support the Police and help them nab the rule-breakers. Instead we reach out, in a spirit of brotherhood, to the defaulters. 


Is it because of a general cynicism that the law-enforcers are a corrupt lot and that the sole purpose of their exercise is to harass and demand bribes?  So, drivers as a community must unite and fight the system in whatever way possible?  Or there is something about ‘ authority’ that says we must defy and rebel?

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Nice article. I wonder why do some people feel happiness in breaking the law. Law and order are for people's safety. But some people put others in danger by breaking these laws.