Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Conversation with daughter-34

Me: You know something? Muralitharan is close to his 800th wicket, while I am about to write my 700th blogpost. Isn’t that an amazing coincidence? Two great achievers in two different fields about to cross important milestones at the same time?

Daughter: Great! How are you going to celebrate the event?

Me: Just like Murali, in a humble, unassuming manner. The world will marvel at the sight of two modest souls quietly reaching their respective milestone without any fuss whatsoever.

Daughter: How boring!

Me: Or do you suggest that I should issue a statement like how Sugary Sachin does when he crosses some landmark? “I don’t keep track of records and personal achievements What is important is that my blogposts must contribute to the prosperity of my fellow-bloggers and the honour of my countrymen”

Daughter: Ugghh!

Me: How about you and I having a bloggable conversation in which you ask remarkably stupid questions and I tick you off sharply thereby emerging astoundingly brilliant?

Daughter: Trying a role reversal? Unlikely to work. Won’t sound convincing to both your readers.

Me: Then how do I commemorate my 700th post?

Daughter: Humbly, like Murali. And, retire from the game, as Murali is about to do..


Ramesh said...

whatever you do don't retire

Dilip Muralidaran said...

Your daughter is terrific. Just that her advise sometimes is so good, it is not possible to apply it in reality :P

Usha said...

Although I might have preferred to celebrate this over a hot masala dosa and piping hot coffee at some saravana Bhavan/ woodlands/ shanti sagar, for the moment I shall be content with wishing you many more years of awesome blogging!

Shruthi said...

Yes, don't retire.

Btw, I think your daughters are wonderful.

Raj said...

Ha, looks like I just did a Mohamme Yousuf with that implied threat to retire.

But, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Aww!!!...she wants u to retire.....nah nah..we readers are against it....hahahahaha...The chennaikaran should go on.....:)