Sunday, December 27, 2009

Vacuous and Verbose-12

Hindol Sengupta, Associate Editor, Bloomberg UTV, in an article in 'The Hindu', desperately tries to earn some brownie points by projecting himself as the sole surviving torchbearer of the “Wear Indian clothes” movement and on whose broad shoulders rests the responsibility of liberating the nation from the grip of Western wear.

"..Why are we uncomfortable about wearing Indian clothes?

Look around you, office after office is bereft of Indian clothes. In the age of industry, connectedness and entrepreneurship Indian clothes are rarely seen because they failed, or we failed to make them, office wear, and thereby, everyday wear.

Since most of us no longer wear Indian clothes to work, since the “corporate wardrobe” for some reason does not include Indian clothes, they have become occasional wear — costumes not clothes.

Why don't we wear Indian clothes to work? Why don't Indian news anchors, for instance, wear bandhgalas instead of suits? Even in news TV, Indian clothes are costumes to be donned to festive days. Udayan Mukherjee, the face of the markets, wears dazzling bandhgalason mahurat trading but not otherwise. Rajdeep Sardesai wears the occasional kurta but is usually in his unkempt cool, about-to- run-out-of-the-newsroom light shirts and dark trousers. Prannoy Roy also dons the odd bandhgala but seems far more comfortable in his impeccable suits.

Can you think of any men in business who regularly wears Indian clothes? If you can, tell me on . I can't."

First, this sanctimonious kurta-promoter must realise that so many aspects of our lives have been touched or influenced by Western habits and we have willingly embraced this change. If I wear a shirt or jeans, it is because I find them more convenient than going around in a dhoti or pyjamas. It is my choice. If Hindol wants to flaunt his ethnicity, that’s his choice. It is also open to this Hindol to start an office and ban entry of employees clad in anything resembling Western wear.

Second, this ignoramus seems to believe that all of India lives in Delhi and Mumbai, and the number of businessmen in India is limited to those that regularly appear on NDTV or Bloomberg channels. If this blinkered moron would care to look away from the TV screen or care to look beyond CII and FICCI or care to cross the Vindyas, he will be amazed to know that there is more to India than what he has seen. For starters, if he would come to Chennai (any place in the South would do. Chennai is because I happen to live here), I would gladly introduce him to Mr. Nalli Kuppuswami Chetty, who runs a 500-crore enterprise and is rarely seen in a lounge suit.


Dilip Muralidaran said...

well said self righteous morons can never understand simple things like convenience.

Mambalam Mani said...

Reminds me of the scene in Thillu Mullu, where Rajini goes for the interview in Khadar :)

ecophilo said...

Nice one :)

Sankar said...

Hey Raj
Hindol Senguptha probably has to make his living by making issues out of non issues for his followers. By the same token his intellectually tuned dissidents (like you who criticise him vociferously) have to fill up their weekly blogs and less talented folks (like me) who enjoy the weekly quota have to do their timepass by writing inane comments like this one.
By the way I have never seen Mr Nalli Kuppusamy Chetty in any outfit other than a dhothi and hence 'rarely' can be, I think, safely revised to 'never'. On the convenience part, it is relative; it has always tickled me pink that in Hindi and Tamil movies(probably true in every Indian language movie) the goondas of the villain fight with great gusto but their dhoties are always intact, most unlike that of Mr Murasoli Maran.

Raj said...

Dilip, they may know what convenience is, but they think that only their idea of convenience is right.

Ecophilo, thanks for the comment and also the plug in your blog.

Mambalam Mani: Good example

Sankar : Hey, I don't have any weekly quotas to meet!

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